The Master in Management: Analytical or Creative?

The Master in Management: Analytical or Creative?

Think a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is your only choice if you’re looking to position yourself for a successful career in business? Think again. In fact, another degree is coming on strong with many aspiring future business leaders: The Master in Management (MIM). Forbes recently heralded the “rise and rise” of this up and coming MBA alternative for its win-win potential for “bachelor’s graduates who are keen to differentiate themselves, and with recruiters who want to hire young managers with greater maturity and a global mindset.”

The Importance of Analytics

We are living in a data-centric world. It follows that managers with the ability to leverage this data into actionable insights will be increasingly in demand moving forward.

A MIM with a specialization in data science helps students hone analytical capabilities across a number of different measures, including breaking down problems into solvable, smaller parts; gathering and evaluating information (AKA “information literacy”) which enables the ability to sort through and prioritize information; effectively massive — and growing — quantities of information; generating and assessing alternatives and solutions; and comprehending and implementing difficult concepts and putting them into action.

The Importance of Innovation

The contemporary business landscape isn’t a stagnant pool; rather, it’s more like an unpredictable rushing rapid in which those at the helm must be able to anticipate what’s coming around the next bend, along with what tools they’ll need to navigate the waters. Says Harvard Business Review, “Creativity has always been at the heart of business, but until now it hasn’t been at the top of the management agenda.”

Echoes Digital Marketing Expert Scott MacFarland for Huffington Post, “Every business must innovate to compete. They must create new products and services for new markets. They must be creative, and come up with new ideas that never would have been thought of before. This is the new management paradigm….The proven management tools, techniques and clichés once embraced, are being challenged and shelved for a new set of rules and a new way of doing business. The management style of the future is no longer command and control. That ship has sailed. Today, in order for businesses to succeed, management must trust in the technologies and open leadership styles that are sweeping boardrooms, the C-suite, office suites and cubicles everywhere.”

Introducing ESMT Berlin

One school that stands out from the crowd in terms of its Master’s in Management?  European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) Berlin. Taught in English, this flexible and interdisciplinary two-year MIM program is divided into two streams, allowing students to decide their own area of emphasis: Quantitative Business for quantitative decision analysts and Innovation Management for creative and strategic thinkers.

In addition to applied coursework and research on the latest business and manageESMT Berlin’s international program is also uniquely global, boasting an 87 percent international makeup with students from 28 countries in its current class, as well as an esteemed international faculty. (There’s a reason the program was recently ranked 14th in the world by The Economist!).